Marital Investigation

Our professional managers are experienced in handling cases, providing objective and rational analysis and the most pertinent recommendation, helping to resolve your marital issues.

Investigation of the activities of your spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend

Is your spouse exhibiting strange behaviours lately, secretive about his/her whereabouts, receiving unusual phone calls and short messages, and showing signs of previously non-existent habits? You can choose to endure and wait silently and suffer from the excruciating uncertainty. You can also choose to quarrel with him/her and cause an irreparable drift in the relationship. Alternatively, it will be better if you can entrust us to carry out a thorough investigation to get the true picture of whether your spouse is seeing someone else. We can help you to find out the hidden aspects of your spouse. If he/she is having an affair, you can be mentally prepared to take the next step. If the investigation proves that you were oversensitive, you can regain your peace of mind.

We can conduct investigation and collect evidence as follows:

1. photographs capturing intimate moments of the target under investigation and another party

2.  whereabouts of the target under investigation (eg: off-work hours, whereabouts, activities)

3.  background check on the third party

What to avoid when fighting for the custody of child(ren)

We can advise you the overriding criteria for gaining custody of your child(ren) is to be able to provide the best for your child(ren). When you are determined to gain custody of your child(ren) but are worried over the ruling that the judge will pass and losing sleep due to the anxiety, you should be aware of the following essential legal knowledge for gaining custody of your child(ren):

1. The custody may not necessarily be awarded to the mother in a divorce.

2. The custody may not necessarily be awarded to the higher income earner.

3. The party who has not been awarded custody will still be entitled to visitation rights (unless exceptional circumstances exist).

4.  The party who has not been awarded custody is also required to bear the living and education expenses of the child(ren).

5.  If the party who has been awarded custody is unable to take care of the child(ren) properly, the other party may file a lawsuit to “regain” custody.