★ Acceptance of engagement in the highest professionalism ★
★ Conduct investigation in a legitimate manner ★
★ Restore the truth with strong evidence ★
★ Find the truth to support your assertion ★

007 Private investigation Services has a long history and has provided various investigation services to numerous clients from different walks of life; our strong investigation team is made up of experienced professional private investigators who are capable of assisting our clients in complex tasks of investigation and evidence collection and providing professional advice. Our serious, responsible, pragmatic, reasonable and legitimate workflow and watertight confidentiality are well-praised by our clients.

Our team is capable of handling commercial investigation, background checks on individuals, marital investigation, surveillance, locating missing persons in Singapore, Malaysia or overseas.

We uphold our mission of providing quality investigation services and set ourselves apart from other private investigation firms. We carry out each and every investigation task in the highest professionalism and diligence. And that includes keeping all information and data highly confidential to protect the privacy of every client.

Our investigation is carried out in a systematic manner. The typical investigation process is as follows:

1. Anaylsis of facts and provision of information to us,

2. Set up a team meeting to analyse the case and formulate strategy.

3. Explore the channels for searching of materials and evidence, identify and interview witness(es).

4. Successful completion of case and handover to the client, provide all materials, including video recording and photographs and explain the case details to the client.

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